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FAQ's Registration and Funded Registration

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1) Who can get a funded registration?

There are a handful ways to get registration funded for faculty, instructors, and graduate students. These include:

     *   ASSETT, University of Colorado Boulder
     *   The Colorado Community College System
     *   The Graduate School, University of Colorado Boulder
     *   Private sponsors

2) How do I apply for funded registration?


At this time there are no CCCS scholarships left, but we do maintain a wait list if your plans are flexible, send us an email. If you will be registering, keep in mind that early registration rates are available until July 23rd!



 ASSETT has been a strong proponent of the COLTT Conference since 2009. Attendees who are affiliated with Arts &  Sciences can register for COLTT using the code "Quad". This code is case-sensitive. ASSETT will verify affiliation so please  check with us or with them if you are not sure about your eligibility.





ASSETT advances the teaching mission of the College of Arts & Sciences by supporting uses of educational and information technology. ASSETT provides training resources to faculty and students, assists A&S units with tech-related needs, shares information, and partners with others on campus to better integrate services throughout the College.

For more information about ASSETT visit http://assett.colorado.edu


The Graduate School at the University of Colorado Boulder has offered a limited number of scholarships for CU-Boulder graduate students who are not qualified for a scholarship through any other affiliation.


2014 conference registration page


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