Reference Management Software (RMS) -- Break Your Chains - What is Zotero

Reference Management Software (RMS) -- Break Your Chains! What is Zotero? 


Presenter: Dr. Cherriethel (Cherry) Emerson

Organization: CCCOnline

Role: Adjunct Professor

Track: Demonstration w/some Hands-On

Topic: Technology and Media

Level: For Mere Mortals


Abstract: Cherry Emerson has compared Reference Management Software (RMS) and will present the results. She uses Zotero [free, stand alone, or online]. How many times do you look up the same website, document, reference? With RMS it is only once! Learn how easy it is to be more efficient and spend more time being effective. RMS can give better re-engagement in discussions, enhance your feedback/comments or assists with content generation for online, hybrid or face-to-face classes.


Bio: Cherry Emerson has taught online for CCCOnline, as well as hybrid and face-to-face for FRCC (BCC) and has quite a few tricks up her sleeve. Cherry’s understanding of Desire2Learn is legendary -- ok, at least her ability to deliver information and successfully encourage student participation by using available and innovative technology. Cherry’s knowledge of technology, ability to share and teach, and her subtle humor makes her presentations come alive. Cherry’s COLTT presentation is on how to keep all your notes, references and documents at your fingertips for quick inserting using Reference Management Software, her favorite? Zotero, come find out why.


Description: We sometimes shy away from any technology that requires us to do a lot of input, thus we keep re-inventing the wheel -- in this case, finding information to keep our classes alive and our students engaged. Of course any software needs the information loaded, GIGO as they use to say (Garbage In - Garbage Out), but once you start using Reference Management Software you will see it is GIGO (Good In - Good Out), just share that link or document with a few clicks of your mouse. I learn from my students, and RMS will allow you to save those references for future classes.

There are only so many times you can search for that obscure reference you knew existed last semester but you failed to write down. We all do that. For me it was the nth time I tried to find the map that shows what states allow first cousin marriages. Now that reference is at my fingertips. Frankly RMS is addictive because it is so easy to get, use and makes you feel so good! There should be R.A. (References Anonymous), once you start and see how effective it can be, you are hooked.