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Lecture Capture: Planning for Success (an Instructor Perspective)

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Lecture Capture: Planning for Success (an Instructor Perspective) 


Presenter: Janet Casagrand

Co-Presenter: Duncan McBogg

Organization: University of Colorado, Boulder

Role: Instructor

Track: General Presentation

Topic: Lecture Capture

Level: For Mere Mortals


Abstract: Have you wanted to introduce a new teaching technology, such as lecture capture, in your classroom, but were concerned it wouldn’t work? The key is to make it a calculated risk. In this session, we’ll talk about what it takes from beginning to end to maximize success and reduce stress. As an example, we’ll discuss a recent experience delving into lecture capture using a Surface Pro and Camtasia Studio.


Bio: Janet Casagrand has experience using both Camtasia Relay and Camtasia Studio to capture lectures. She began with Camtasia Relay and Kaltura, and transitioned to Camtasia Studio, in conjunction with Desire to Learn and YouTube, which allowed her more control and flexibility. This past fall, she worked with an OIT information technologist, her co-presenter, to record the audio content of the lecture using the classroom sound system, and the simultaneous video content with a Surface Pro running Camtasia Studio. Through her experiences, she learned a number of lessons, which may be helpful to others contemplating lecture capture.




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