YouTube and Loveit

YouTube and Loveit 


Presenter: John Heisel

Co-Presenter: Brandon Poulliot

Organization: Front Range Community College

Role: Faculty Development Coordinator

Track: Hands-on Workshop

Topic: Technology and Media

Level: For Mere Mortals


Abstract: Learn how to create a YouTube channel, add and upload content, educational resources and more to increase student success and engagement! See sample channels and create your own channel and add content and build playlists in this hands-on workshop for “You.”


Bio: Instructional designer, educator, technology helper, D2L dude... Heisel has a bachelor's degree in English and master's in Educational Media from Appalachian State University in North Carolina. His Front Range Community College journey began in 2007 teaching Multimedia and Graphic Design courses at the Westminster and Boulder campuses. Also, he is a certified TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) instructor. As Faculty Development Coordinator for Online Learning, he coordinates Online Learning training and facilitates the online certificationinstructor certification program. He has presented at numerous conferences: eLCC, CCCOnline's Connect Conference, FRCC's Teaching and Learning with Technology, as well as COLTT's Pedagogique.



Lesson Plan: (90 minutes total)

10 minutes: demo of my YouTube Channel and applications for F2F and Online Learning

5 minutes: demo of how to create Playlists

10 minutes: demo of how to create a Google Plus account and activate your channel

15 minutes: Hands-on practice of creating a YouTube Channel

10 minutes: discuss YouTube settings - public, unlisted, private

40 minutes: Hands-on practice of YouTube channel creation and development with John and Brandon available for troubleshooting and guidance.


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