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Social Media Networks: the Scary, the Awesome, and the Scary Awesome

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Social Media Networks: the Scary, the Awesome, and the Scary Awesome


Presenter: David Lyons

Organization: CU Online

Role: Academic Services Senior Professional

Track: Social Media

Topic: Technology and Media

Level: Intermediate


Abstract: There are a lot of social networks you can use to facilitate learning. Some you might use, some you might have heard of, and some you've probably never considered! This session will discuss the common, the uncommon, and the unheard of when it comes to using social media in your courses.


Bio: David has been supporting faculty, staff, and students using technology for teaching and learning since 2006. He received his Masters of Library and Information Science from Florida State University in 2008 and has been working in academic technology ever since. He has been an online student, online faculty, and technical professional throughout his career to make sure the promise of academic technology is being viewed from all angles.


Description: "Social Media" means different things to different people, but at the heart of it all you have are tools for connection people. The community, and the intentions of that community, is what really makes or breaks any social tool. I argue that there is a lot more social tools on the internet than just Facebook and Twitter, and you can use any tool that connects people to enhance learning. This session covers all the tools you've heard about, and many more you've never considered using in the classroom!


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