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Crowdsourcing Discovery: Incorporating Citizen-Scholars (MOOC students) in Medieval Historical Resea

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Crowdsourcing Discovery: Incorporating Citizen-Scholars (MOOC students) in Medieval Historical Research


Presenter: Roger Martinaz-Davila


Role:Assistant Professor

Track: Research Presentation

Topic: MOOCs



Abstract: Roger Martinez will present one model of incorporating online students into a research endeavor designed to explore and understand co-existence among Jews, Christians, and Muslims in medieval Spain. Utilizing a Massive Open Online Course (“Deciphering Secrets: Unlocking the History of Medieval Spain”), he is educating the public about medieval interreligious co-existence, training MOOC students to read and transcribe 15th and 19th century manuscripts, and engaging students in the actual transcription of 800+ pages of manuscripts.


Bio: Roger Martínez serves as an Assistant Professor of History at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. In 2008, he earned his Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin where he specialized in medieval and early modern European and Mediterranean history. Roger focuses on the intercultural relations of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Blending his prior professional career in technology and governmental consulting with his scholarly expertise in medieval Spanish history, he leads an international digital humanities initiative known as the Revealing Cooperation and Conflict Project. This endeavor engages citizen-scholar students in the transcription of fifteenth century manuscripts.


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