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FAQ's Proposal Submissions

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FAQ: What will you ask for when I submit a proposal?


We ask for the following:

  • Contact Information

  • Presentation Format and Type

  • Primary Presenter Biography: 100 words addressing your qualifications for leading the proposed workshop or presentation, to be included on this wiki.

  • Presentation Title: Please make sure this accurately describes the content that will be presented in your session, as that was our number one complaint last year.

  • Abstract: In 75 words or less please provide a brief and accurate description of the presentation. This will be included in the program.

  • Description: This space (200 words) is available for further explanation. Please include specific requirements, such as laptop or software downloads. Hands-on workshop proposals also need to include an outline and management plan.

  • Presenter Presentation Materials URL (Web Address): This is your own web page (Dropbox, or Google Drive) that you provide for attendees. This is helpful, but not required.


FAQ: How long are sessions? or How much time will I have for a session?


All sessions, excluding hands-on workshops, are scheduled for 45 minutes of presentation time with 5 minutes for questions and survey responses. Hands-on workshop at the discretion of the presenter can range from 45 minutes to as long as 2 hours.


FAQ: What if I get started and cannot finish my proposal at that moment?


Save and Exit

You have the option to save and exit at any point during the submission process. Login information will be emailed to you so that you may continue editing. Please note that your proposal will not be submitted until you complete all required fields and select submit on the last page. 


FAQ: How do I make my proposal competitive?


We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to be accurate. The number one complaint from attendees is that the session abstract or title do not match the content of the session. In addition, please review the types of sessions that we offer and match your submission up to that. Is your content new? Are you digitally aware? Are you using innovative practices? Can you back up what you say with research? Thereafter, enthusiasm, excellent grammar, and a session that sounds active and interesting to us will be well-received. 



FAQ: What does an effective COLTT proposal include?


  • Evidence that the presentation demonstrates a clear link between learning, teaching and technology;
  • A clear statement about what participants will learn during the session and, how they will be actively engaged;
  • Information about actionable outcomes, such as practices that can be brought back to home institutions, or demonstrated outcomes of an idea or practice. 


FAQ: What is the process if I want to conduct a hands-on workshop? 


Please review: Hands-On Presentation Guidelines and then submit your workshop proposal   We will contact you individually if we need more information as described in the guidelines.


FAQ: What happens after I submit my proposal?


Presenters will be notified by email if their proposals have been accepted or not. We will place session descriptions on this COLTT 2014 conference wiki for preview by attendees as soon as we are able to do so. This will help potential attendees evaluate the value of the conference to them, as well as which sessions would be appropriate for their interests. Presenters whose proposals are accepted will need to register and pay by early registration in order to hold their place in the program. Please contact us with additional questions in this regard. Thank you.


FAQ: What technology does COLTT provide?


COLTT provides a projector and standard cable, basic classroom tech support and wireless connectivity in each session room. We cannot provide instructor stations or laptops, flashdrives, or Mac projector DVI connectors/cables. COLTT 2014 is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) event for all.


Please feel free to send us your additional questions.



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