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Hands-On Presentation Guidelines

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Hands-On Presentation Guidelines



We are excited that you want to teach a hands-on workshop. This gets harder and harder to do expeditiously because of multiple platforms, websites that don't consistently load, and other technological interferences. For this conference, we ask that those of you who want to teach hands-on workshops to plan ahead so that we can both support you and help you to have a successful outcome. Please review the following guidelines and submit your proposal to us, considering the following. 


1) Please prepare a specific agenda, including a timeline.

  • Set an agenda for the session. Determine how long it will last, how long you will teach, and make sure you allow time for questions throughout the session. Be sure to provide any manuals or handouts that may pertain to what you are presenting on and have them available for the participants during the session.


2) Please provide your management plan according to these guidelines.

  • Set Up: Plan for how the instructor will work with our labs department to:
  • Provide the software information to the labs group at CU Boulder well in advance* of the conference so they can install the software and make sure it is working properly. This will be done on Mac laptops. You should also have a plan for independent PC users who want to participate in the workshop so they can get set up ahead of time.


Read more: Definition of Hands-on Training | eHow.com 



*Well in advance at CU-Boulder will mean as soon as you receive acceptance from us for your presentation at the event.

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